doane stuart


about doane stuart

the doane stuart school is one of the region’s oldest early childhood through grade 12 coeducational schools.  

at doane stuart, students of all ages learn by actively engaging with the curriculum, one that is traditional at its core and is also flexible enough to allow a student to follow his or her passion. the classroom environment exudes intellectual curiosity, inquiry and genuine scholarship. students at doane stuart appreciate fine teaching and make life-long friends of their teachers and their peers.

doane stuart students know the joy of discovery. the importance of inquiry, and the power of understanding.

doane stuart teachers provide a great deal of differentiated learning and offer individual instruction during and after school hours. in addition, they coach athletic teams, oversee student-run clubs and they even offer saturday activities. we boast the finest teaching in the region.

doane stuart was established in 1975, with the merger of two albany schools—kenwood academy, founded in 1852, and st. agnes school, founded in 1870—that were rooted in the roman catholic and episcopal traditions. the resulting organization is a place where students of all faiths grow and learn together. the school’s emphasis is interfaith; most faiths are celebrated, and students learn about all the world’s major religions. students are asked to understand why so many people in the world choose a life of faith; they are urged to study many religions but not required to choose one. the community is based on tolerance and respect. it is a place to grow your mind and build your heart.  as a co-educational interfaith school, we welcome students of all backgrounds and traditions. we celebrate diversity, and we provide a nurturing yet challenging environment that prepares students for today’s global community.

we are more than a school. we are a family of families. partners in the critical work of preparing students for lives of meaning and purpose.