doane stuart



from the ground up

with an 8:1 student to teacher ratio, teachers and students are able to collaborate and communicate in a way difficult in larger settings, personalizing the educational experience, promoting independent studies and conversations outside of class, and adapting to each child’s unique approach to learning. also, students learn to learn from each other and view each other as an asset in their own education building unity.

for more than 150 years, the doane stuart school has been inspiring and educating students from the ground up. from a very early age, our students are encouraged to develop learning skills and to master the facts and then to dig deeper. we believe that a well-rounded education involves more than simply knowing “what, where, and when.” our students care deeply about “why and how.” just as important, they often ask “what if?”

year after year, our students grow in skill and confidence. by graduation, they are prepared to take their place as global citizens who pursue lives of meaning and purpose.

a well-rounded education starts early and lasts a lifetime.