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alumni/ae survey

the alumni/ae association has developed the following survey to ascertain what they and we can do for you and do better for you. we hope you’ll take the time to complete this survey. your input is very important to us.  


alumni/ae survey

alumni/ae survey
  • outreach:

  • reunion

  • alumni/ae association:

    the doane stuart alumni/ae association meets every other month over conference call to steer the association’s efforts. some members also participate in focus groups that meet every other month in between greater association meetings to move specific goals forward. these focus groups set their own meeting times according to what works best for participants.
  • professional/networking:

  • social media

  • blue/green:

    the doane stuart school currently carries on a longstanding tradition of internal team competition.  students are assigned a team (blue or green) when they enter the school and remain on that team until graduation. the alumni/ae association conducts blue-green activities at reunion, and the winning team contributes points to the current year’s student competition.   former kenwood and st. agnes teams have been assimilated into blue and green teams (spartan / red = blue team,  amazon / white = green team).
  • general: