doane stuart


our values

the mission of doane stuart is education for students from every quarter.  in a college preparatory context, where the joy of discovery is valued, doane stuart emphasizes serious study, educates to social responsibility and lays the foundation for a strong faith.”

interfaith identity

as a non-doctrinal institution, with a commitment to inclusion and globalism, doane stuart encourages its students to understand and celebrate the origins, traditions, and tenets of the world’s major religions. in a time where some in society work to divide, the school’s interfaith teaching seems more crucial than ever to insure that students learn to see the world from multiple perspectives and to establish rapport with as diverse a community as possible.

academically, this approach provides a deeper and nuanced connection to history, philosophy, and civics. pragmatically, it enables doane stuart students to become citizens of the world who are comfortable and adaptable in new situations and who aspire to bridge cultural and social divides. through school-wide chapel talks and student led events, interfaith gatherings promote discussion and reaffirm the value of each student’s voice in the larger dialogue.

the current student body at doane stuart is representative of over 20 different faiths.


seeing the world through the perspectives of many

coeducation is a cornerstone of the doane stuart experience and a reflection of our commitment to diversity. we believe that a well-rounded education includes teaching students to see the world through the eyes of others, regardless of their gender, religion, race, or background. and we have created a community that reinforces that belief. every day brings opportunities for our students to live, work, and play coeducationally. that broadens their perspective, prepares them for our coeducational society, and enriches their lives.