doane stuart



at doane stuart, students participate in an educational atmosphere designed to help children grow into creative, critical thinkers.

unique college counseling experience

highly individualized

our goal is for every student to be admitted to the college that best serves his or her talents and interests. we work one-on-one with students and parents to achieve this objective. representatives from over 75 colleges visit our campus during the school year; students can meet with these individuals to glean information and ask questions. during the summer our director of college counseling takes upper school students on college tours. we host college information nights, offer college application essay workshops, and require juniors to participate in intensive, professional sat preparation classes (at no cost to our families) held during the school day.

most of all, we know our students—their strengths, dreams, and ambitions. we draw on that knowledge to help each student develop a personalized list of colleges and universities. we provide critical support throughout the application process, and we celebrate with our students when they are accepted by their chosen schools.

school spirit

thunder chicken

nothing sums up doane stuart student culture like the school’s mascot, the thunderchicken. how did that come about? when the doane stuart school was created by the merger of two historic schools, the new institution lacked a mascot and so the students bound together to elect something they thought represented both the gravity and whimsy of doane stuart students. their choice of the thunderchicken was at first rejected by the school, but the students persisted and, representing how the school embraces student governance and the student voice, they eventually agreed and formally adopted tc as mascot.